Honda Accord i-CTDi Speed Record Challenge (CL) '2004
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Two production models of Honda Accord with the 2.2 i-CTDi, randomly selected by FIA officials, were used to undertake speed records, and apart from the fitting of roll-cages, racing harnesses and radio equipment for track-to-pits communication, no other modifications were made to the cars. The challenge was set at the high-speed oval track in Papenburg, Germany, on May, 2004, for an endurance racing. The project, whose aim was to demonstrate the performance and economy of the Accord i-CTDi, was a joint production between Honda, the FIA and Italian-based JAS Motorsport, which managed fuelling and pit-stops. After the speed record attempts, the cars were then driven 419 miles (675km) from the Papenburg oval track to Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt, in order to complete a fuel economy run. The route comprises a mixture of motorway and non-motorway driving, during which one of the cars achieved the mark of 92 mpg (2,56 l/100km) average.

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