Caterpillar 521B US-spec '2013–н.в.

Caterpillar 521B [US-spec] '2013–н.в.

Caterpillar 548 '04.2018–н.в.

Caterpillar 548 '2018–н.в.

The Cat 548 forestry excavator is configured for forestry tasks ranging from road building and site preparation to processing logs roadside or at a landing.

Caterpillar 548 LL '04.2018–н.в.

Caterpillar 548 LL '2018–н.в.
Caterpillar 548 LL '2018–н.в.

The Cat 548 LL is configured as a log loader and can perform log handling tasks, such as shovel logging, loading, power clam/butt-n-top applications, and millyard activities. '2005–н.в.